Dedicated Team

We have a team of skilled and experienced labor force that ensures we offer the best service at highly competitive costs. We believe that repeat orders are an important aspect of the service we offer.

We have dedicated staff for each client to facilitate direct interaction with the senior managers who independently handle the requirements of the respective clients. Additionally, our clients are also assigned independent labor, delivery vehicles, office/warehouse space, and office automations/IT infrastructure.

We ensure that we are in sync with our clients’ business goals and based on this understanding design different customized packages that are streamlined to ensure that they meet their targets. We offer a range of time-definite and flexible solutions customized to accommodate even the most stringent client demands. Our team manages regulatory issues, documentation formalities and clearance to optimize the client’s distribution network.

We believe in the science of ergonomics and it distinctly reflects in the designs of our work place. The designs have been implemented based on the basic requirements of the employees and to help them leverage their capabilities to the maximum. We make it a point to understand the diversity of each individual’s capabilities, physical attributes and work habits and thus derive on the ergonomics of the work place to ensure maximum convenience and optimum productivity.

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction plays a pivotal role in the profitability of a company. It is the latest mantra and equally challenging task. We understand that a company can reduce its operational costs by 30% to 40% if it can manage to put in place a right logistics and transportation process. We feel the same can be considerably achieved by:

  • Superior inventory management
  • Reducing pilferage
  • Minimal physical handling
  • Timely delivery


Having the right software in place can help save time and cut down the number of errors and expenses drastically. We at Kotechas understand its significance and have therefore invested in an in-house software development team that helps us develop customized accounting and inventory programs to effectively and efficiently manage our operations. The department has helped us successfully design customized end use reports for our respective clients thus assisting them boost their sales and maximize the profits.

Separate EDP room

We believe in transparency and ensure that our clients have visibility of the information they seek all the time. We have an in-house EDP department that constantly ensures online, real time inputs and validation with the help of large frame and desktop computers. We have put in place standardized methodologies that ensure the outcomes are predictable and accessible. Besides, our EDP managers are proficient in handling spreadsheets and/or databases and obtaining reports. Our staff are well trained to work on ERPs like SAP, Tally, Navision, MFGPRO, Microsoft Dynamics, Remco and other platforms.

Office Automation

We have the latest infrastructure in Office Automation i.e. Computers and printers with stabilizer for exclusive use of each establishment. We use high speed broad band connections. All our warehouses are equipped with generators ensuring 24×7 energy supply.

All our offices are air conditioned with exclusive telephone facility. We have a customized software for inventory management that helps us generate invoices and reports per our clients’ requirements.

Conference Room

We also have provisions of state of the art conference rooms equipped with ideal furniture, overhead projectors, white boards and sound system so that our clients can make optimum use of their valuable time.


We regularly train our staff in using upgraded software, updated legislation, or even updated company policies. We make sure the dedicated team that serves our clients is well aware and equipped with the right infrastructure to provide high quality and efficient services.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

We render services to companies offering Multilevel Marketing (MLM). We connect the stocks to the consumer directly.

Shop Management

We serve companies to handle their shops/outlets. Our staff is trained and groomed to represent our principals. The daily cash collections are directly deposited in the account of the principal with a corresponding daily reports.