Inventory management

Inventory Management made easy for you

Inventory management is the process of efficiently overseeing the constant flow of units in and out of an existing inventory. This process usually involves controlling the transfer in of units in order to prevent the inventory from becoming too high, or dwindling to levels that could put the operation of the company into jeopardy. Competent inventory management also seeks to control the costs associated with the inventory, both from the perspective of the total value of the goods included and the tax burden generated by the cumulative value of the inventory.

Our Inventory Control system supports unlimited warehouse locations, which enables us to manage our clients’ inventory with greater control. Some of the powerful features of our Inventory Control system used which increases productivity, efficiency, and data accuracy include:

  • Management of various product types
  • Costing/product pricing
  • Serial/lot number control
  • Stock allocation
  • Kit processing
  • Physical/cycle count management
  • First Expiry First Our Operations
  • Automatic fulfillment of back orders
  • Customer/vendor cross referencing

The Inventory Management System and the Inventory Control Process aids managers to make a more informed, accurate, and timely decisions by providing vital information to manage the flow of materials, effectively utilize people and equipment, coordinate internal activities, and communicate with vendors. To attain optimum benefits it is essential that the Inventory Management System and Inventory Control Process are designed to meet the requirements of the marketplace and support the company’s strategic plan.