Operational Procedure

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  • Accepting delivery from all forms of transport including airways, railways, and ships on behalf of the client
  • Unloading of stocks at the depotm
  • Stocking and categorizing of stocks by product, size, manufacturing date, and batch numbers
  • Regular movement of stocks on FEFO (First Expiry First Out) basis
  • Accepting and acknowledging receipt of stocks
  • Regular updating and maintenance of bin cards and stock registers

Ordering Process

  • Raising dispatch order after receiving the order from the regional office
  • Checking the orders with respect to the validity of the bankers, licenses and sales tax numbers
  • Marking and aligning stocks to be dispatched
  • Packing using shippers, cartons, strips, seals, tapes or shrink wraps or any other packing mode as required
  • Preparing the invoices
  • Adjustment of debit/credit notes in the invoices


  • Posting of the documents to the respective:
    • Regional Sales Manager
    • Area Sales Manager
    • Sales Officer
    • Banks
    • Stockist
  • Regularly updating of the various bin cards and the stock registers
  • Preparation of the Sales, Purchase and C & F Form registers for sales tax purposes


  • Undertake preparation of cheques of parties on due dates
  • Filling deposit slips of the banks.
  • Updating and maintaining Party Ledger, Cheque Register and Credit Notes Register.
  • Preparing and maintaining bank re-conciliation statement

Goods Returned

  • Updating and maintaining register
  • Re-booking of the consignments refused
  • Preparation of Goods Return Notes and Credit Notes for all consignments re-booked and collected
  • Updating of the bin cards and the stocks register


  • Stock Position
  • Dispatches made and invoices raised
  • Stocks received
  • Promotional materials received and despatched
  • Any other kind of reporting as per companies requirement

Periodic Reports

  • Sales Report by region, product, representatives and sales office
  • Stocks and Sales Analysis Report
  • Sales Registers by bill number/date
  • Remuneration and Expenses Bills