Pest Control
We undertake pest control measures at regular intervals to ensure the maximum safety of our clients’ products and the health of our employees. We have specialized service providers who ensure a pest free environment.
Fire Fighting Equipment
We understand and value the safety of our staff, our clients’ goods and assets and the importance of their business. We have in place an effective fire protection and safety system for all our commercial segments, At least one of our employees or staff person is professionally trained in using fire-fighting equipment placed in the warehouse. We have also installed portable fire extinguishers at crucial junctures in all our warehouses
Optimum Safety & Hygiene Precautions
We believe that safety comes first, be it our clients or our valuable team members. This is why we have set in place stringent safety policy. It is mandatory that safety norms are adhered to across the board. We ensure that best quality safety equipment is provided to the staff in our premises. Helmets, gloves and safety shoes (fire protection shoes) are mandatory while entering the premises. Our managers have been assigned special instructions to monitor whether these requirement are being met at all times. The same standards have been outlined for the staff handling temperature sensitive commodities.
First Aid Kit
The safety of our clients and staff is of utmost importance. We have first aid kits comprising of gauzes to syringes, depending on the level of emergency to be addressed. It is assembled with varying corporate advice and/or legislation between governments and/or organizations.
24×7 Drinking water
We believe in providing safe and hygienic drinking water in all our premises.
Dedicated wash rooms
We have dedicated wash rooms in each of the work areas.
CCTV Surveillance
All our warehouses and offices are under 24 x 7 CCTV remote surveillance. We have records for 30 to 45 days at each warehouse. The warehouses are safe, secure and monitored at all times.
Temperature / Humidity
All our warehouses have the latest temperature and humidity measuring equipment.